REAch2 academies are organised into 10 Clusters. Our school is part of Cluster 6. Schools that make up this cluster are: Burrsville Infant Academy, Kirby Primary Academy, Sir Martin Frobisher Primary Academy, Camulos Primary Academy, Martlesham Primary Academy, Sprites Primary Academy and Unity Primary Academy.

All our schools share the same governance structure and you can find information about the trust on the REAch2 website at The Governance page gives details of how the Trust is organised, including the Articles of Association, the Master Funding Agreement and all the documents which relate to how the Trust was founded and how it runs today. You can also find details of who our trustees are.

The Governing Body

Currently, we have an Intervention Board instead of a local governing body.

The Intervention Board is a small group of people who are working with the school leadership to support and challenge – this helps improve your school as quickly as possible.

REAch2 has chosen a group made up of the Head Teacher, the Deputy Director of Education for Cluster 5, the Senior Governance Advisor for REAch2 and the Deputy CEO in her role as Executive Sponsor. We also have a member who works in school improvement in Essex. Having the Deputy CEO of REAch2 on the Board means that decisions can be reached quickly and support and resources brought in, where needed, as soon as possible. The Intervention Board has terms of reference which guide how it works. These can be found on the Governance page of our website and also on the REAch2 website

Below you can find details of the members of the Board. The Board will meet twice a term to discuss educational progress and achievement, financial health and areas in the school, such as safeguarding or finance to make sure they understand how the school is being run and also to make sure that all the legal compliance is in order. They will all visit during the year to ensure the school is making progress.

The Board is supported by a clerk and the cluster team, including a Business Partner and officers for governance, HR and safeguarding.

Eventually the Board will hand over responsibility to a local governing body who will take up the support and challenge.

Members of the Intervention Board

Kerrie McGrory (School Effectiveness Partner NE, Educate Directorate – North East Essex, Essex County Council)-Chair
Cathie Paine (Deputy CEO, REAch2) – Teaching and learning
Sinead Harper – (Deputy Director of Education, Cluster 6) Teaching and learning
Siobhan Chester – (Senior Governance Advisor) Staff  wellbeing/governance/safeguarding
Gary Riches- Parent Governor

Governing Body Minutes

Copies of all governor body meeting minutes are available upon request.

Chair of Intervention Board:

Kerrie McGrory
C/O Sprites Primary Academy
Stonechat Road

Governance Documents