Our Vision, Aims and Values

Our Vision:

A fun and exciting centre of excellence that nurtures and inspires young minds to be fearless…
…and change the world!

Our Aims:

  • Provide an environment that is safe, joyful, fair and full of hope
  • Nurture our children to become kind, caring, polite citizens of the world
  • Break down barriers, smash ceilings, ignite belief so that our pupils become highly aspirational learners
  • Deliver a relevant curriculum that tackles the big issues of our times, fearless and filled with controversy and debate so that we motivate our pupils to become passionate, lifelong learners with a truly global outlook
  • Place our children at the centre of our world – all of our thinking revolves around their needs
  • Create a culture of high expectations, high enjoyment and high challenge
  • Become a beacon school where others come to learn; a school that transcends its perceived barriers

Our Values:

Our school crest, proudly created by our pupils, encapsulates all of our values. The central images represent our three ‘Life Values’ – Safe, Polite, Aspirational – named so as they are universal and go beyond the school gates into every aspect of our lives. They are ways of ‘being’ rather than a set of ‘rules’, helping to shape us into positive citizens of the world.

Our school motto is simple, yet powerful: FEARLESS
If there is one quality above all else we want to instil, it is to be fearless.
Historically, geographically and academically, we have always been told it can’t be done.
We have had the bar lowered again and again.
All the signs said the odds were stacked against us.
Sadly, we had come to believe this. We became fearful, including of ourselves.
But no more.

Now we have a renewed sense of self and belief. We are strong in our moral purpose and will therefore be resolute in our actions. We will challenge injustice where we see it and will enable the downtrodden to be strong. We don’t accept any tag or label or ceiling and can achieve anything we want.
We have no fear.
We are fearless.